Careless Driving

Briefly put together it's levied on someone driving without caring for the other people who are using the highway. It’s a broad term to classify various offenses like trying to make a turn, following too close, talking and holding a phone while driving, etc. Penalties for such can be very severe if the person is proved guilty part from the addition of the demerit points for their driving records.


It’s a charge given to the person driving a motor vehicle who is driving without any insurance. The penalty for driving without insurance in Toronto, Canada is very high, and this invites acute penalties. Once pulled by the traffic police officer in such an offense, immediately get in touch with Points Saver to get the best traffic ticket attorney in Ontario, Brampton, Toronto (GTA) for assistance.


Speeding is one of the most common problems when it comes to driving violations. Over speeding while driving invites various traffic offenses like-charged per mile/km for breaking the speeding rules. Every person driving a vehicle is required to comply with established speed limits and is not allowed to exceed them in any situation. The penalties on the speeding traffic ticket can be as severe as that they may last on your driving records for at least 3 years.


Driving under suspension may result in a huge penalty if convicted. Once you receive the traffic ticket for driving with a suspended license you should call POINTS SAVER and we can guide you with the best possible solution. Every city is striving to provide safety on its roads and make sure they are safe for driving. Hence, those drivers who have been convicted of driving offenses can have their driving license suspended or even revoked. If you plan to drive under suspension for even something small, it can cause you more serious issues like losing your driving license for additional 6 months. Do Not take any risk on the road just call Points Saver for traffic ticket-free consultation.


We all know that if we start to DRIVE, the first thing we should have is a “DRIVING LICENSE”. As per the Highway Traffic Act, everyone must carry his/her driving license with them every time they drive a motor vehicle. Also, if you have the license but it is expired it is an offense again. There may be many penalties for driving without a license:

  • fine from min. $200 to the max. 1000
  • vehicles impound for 7 days.
  • added demerit points and increase insurance rates.

To avoid all this firstly check all the papers before you start your drive and if convicted you do not have to worry Call Points Saver and we will help you in reducing all the fines and points.


Despite knowing the significance of seat belts that it can save our life in the event of a car accident, there are still a lot of people who simply ignore wearing a seatbelt while driving. According to the Highway Traffic Act, section 106, every driver should wear a seat belt while driving on a highway and ensure that all his passengers under the age of 16 are wearing seat belts too and below that are in the car seat. And if all this is not followed you can get a seat belt traffic ticket. You don’t have to worry about the traffic ticket lawyer near you we at Points Saver take traffic tickets all over North America.

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