Careless Driving

It’s a charge given to the driver involved in hitting. It’s a broad term to classify various offences. Briefly put together its levied on someone driving without caring for the other people who are using the highway. Penalties for such can be very severe if the person is proved guilty.

No insurance

It’s a charge given to the person driving motor vehicle who is driving a motor vehicle without any insurance. This invites severe penalties. Once pulled by an officer in such an offence, immediately get in touch with our paralegals for assistance.


Over speeding while driving invites this offence and penalties are charged for per mile/km for breaking the speeding rules. These penalties can be as severe as that it may last on your driving records for 3 years.

Driving under suspension

Driving under suspension may result into suspension of license and penalty of $25,000 if convicted. So without any delay, call us as soon as you are pulled with such charges.

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