How we work

Points Saver have skilled and certified licensed legal experts giving an affordable option to fight for your traffic ticket. Points Saver provides you with specialized and expert legal services for traffic tickets, speeding tickets, stunt driving, careless driving charges, driving with a suspended license, accident charges, red light camera tickets etc. We help defend your good driving record, avoid car insurance increases, remove or reduce demerit points penalties, and save on ticket fines.

At Points Saver we will help you in obtaining the best possible legal remedy. All legal advice relating to your case would be given by the independent attorney or legal representative that you would retain. Hence you are not alone to fight a case but our network of independent legal experts back you with all the facts and figures to reduce or nullify the penalties.

Our mission

To offer a single unique platform with highly effective and efficient professional services to all North Americans being charged with traffic tickets.

Our values

Result oriented

We set up high performance standards for us as individuals as well as a team in order to deliver the best as expected.

Process driven

We understand the business and are highly committed to deliver nothing but the best.


Inspire trust by taking complete responsibility in helping a client find an independent legal professional.

Talented Resources

Highly professional team.

Why fight your traffic ticket?

  • Should I just pay the ticket?
  • Is there a way to wipe this ticket off my record?
  • Will this Traffic ticket effect my insurance rates go up?
  • Do I have legal grounds to fight the ticket?
  • Can I lose my driving license?

Consequences of Demerit Points

If you accumulate too many demerit points, you may face action from the driver licensing agency in your home province.

In Ontario, for example, at 6 demerit points a warning letter is sent out, and at 9 points a meeting is required with the driver to determine a course of action. 15 demerit points will result in a suspension of your license.

License suspensions can have an impact on your insurance rate and also impact on good driving profile is years of continuous licensing.

Each province has their own system for handling demerit points, but all will suspend your license if you accumulate too many demerits points

We help you

  • Maintain a healthy driving record
  • Avoid costly increases in insurance premium
  • Eliminate or reduce demerit points
  • Save money on ticket fines
  • Protect and maintain commercial driver’s license
  • Help transport companies by reducing the truck driver conviction level

DO NOT pay fines or fight alone
rather just call us at 1-844 Points Saver (844 764 6877)