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Points Saver understands the unique nature of each case. Hence our network of independent experts offer a personalized quotes and consultation to help you understand the offences and consequence that arise out of pleading guilty. The independent experts offer consultations in person, over the phone or through an email. These are done for a court date, order of the officer’s disclosure, prepare and file any required court documents, multiple appearances for trials, research, and general representation of your case. Points Saver does not guarantee the results or outcomes of the services rendered by independent attorneys. Our independent legal experts build a strong defence on your behalf, and try to get the best possible outcome for you in your case.

Out network of independent attorneys not only fight for a fresh case but also help you REOPEN your case, just in case you have received a conviction based upon a court error, or through no fault of your own. The independent experts can help to re-open your case and save you money on costly appeals and insurance increases.

Not only this, if you have already gone through the trial process for a ticket and you happen to disagree with the outcome, the independent experts can even try to reverse the conviction and try to get you another chance to dispute the charge through APPEALS.

Need for filling a case and fight for all the charges

Paying fine or not attending the court purely results in admission of guilt and this convicts you for charges being put against you. The independent legal experts are purely dedicated to fight on your behalf for all the charges against you in order to help you remove all kinds of demerit points from your driving license.

Your problem is ours as soon as you upload your traffic ticket details. Our unique selling proposition lies in being the first one to serve you across North America as we serve you in any town or city in North America. Our aim is purely to save your valuable time and money.

Points Saver is a network of highly trained, successful, and ethical professionals who found that there is a lot of gap in the services being offered by various lawyers and paralegal firms as they are limited by the geographical barriers. In order to overcome this Points Saver was formed. Points Saver comes across as one stop shop for finding an independent legal professional anywhere in North America.

Being available over the entire continent makes us different as now you do not have to fight cases state wise or town wise. All your needs to find an independent legal experts shall be taken care of under one roof by highly efficient professionals.


Our specialized customer service team will provide constant updates on your file and help you by guiding you through each and every step of this traumatizing experience of a traffic ticket.

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